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Brooklyn Elementary School Using WordEngine!

Young students in Brooklyn New York are using WordEngine to increase their vocabulary!

Hello, I am Guy Cihi of Lexxica (top left of photo). I recently visited an elementary school in Brooklyn New York where students ranging from age 8 to 13 are using WordEngine to increase their vocabulary.  

Their VCheck scores average about 1800 words, which is not so different from first year Japanese college students. Unlike Japanese students, these young Brooklyn students prefer using the Word Panic games and they were surprised to learn that Japanese students prefer Flash Words. I explained the weekly goal requirements and the relative speed advantage of Flash Words, and they nodded their heads wisely to show understanding.

These students are recent immigrants to America from Europe and South America.  They all have a favorable impression of Japan and they seemed a little disappointed that I was not actually a Japanese person. One boy asked me if I could speak Japanese and when I replied "mochiron" all their faces lit up with big smiles.  Then the boy got up and ran out of the room. (He is the second from the right with the cute expression.)  I wasn't sure why he left the room suddenly. Maybe he needed to use the toilet?

A little while later the boy came back dragging a classmate behind him.  He announced in a big voice, "This the only Japanese student at our school, you must talk Japanese to each other!"  So we had a nice little chat in Japanese and international peace was achieved, well at least for just one summer day in Brooklyn New York.

The spring semester in Japan is almost over.  Please enjoy your summer break.

Guy Cihi
CEO, Lexxica






CEO ガイ・スィーヒ