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Brooklyn Elementary School Using WordEngine!

Young students in Brooklyn New York are using WordEngine to increase their vocabulary! ニューヨーク、ブルックリンでは子供たちがワードエンジンを使って英単語の学習をしています!

Hello, I am Guy Cihi of Lexxica (top left of photo). I recently visited an elementary school in Brooklyn New York where students ranging from age 8 to 13 are using WordEngine to increase their vocabulary.  
Their VCheck scores average about 1800 words, which is not so different from first year Japanese college students. Unlike Japanese students, these young Brooklyn students prefer using the Word Panic games and they were surprised to learn that Japanese students prefer Flash Words. I explained the weekly goal requirements and the relative speed advantage of Flash Words, and they nodded their heads wisely to show understanding.
These students are recent immigrants to America from Europe and South America.  They all have a favorable impression of Japan and they seemed a little disappointed that I was not actually a Japanese person. One boy asked me if I could…

Halloween Contest - FINAL RESULTS

Everyone did a fantastic job!

New Word Panic Game - 新学習ゲーム・ワードパニック

In just the first week since Word Panic was added to WordEngine it has received 20% of the total study traffic and maintained almost the same study pace as Flashwords.  

We were not expecting Word Panic to be as fast as Flashwords. The available research suggested that adding game elements would greatly increase the study time required. If the present trend continues, Word Panic may end up being as fast or even faster than Flashwords. We certainly hope so!

Our top goal is for Word Panic to make vocabulary study a little less dull and hopefully even enjoyable.  
There are three mini-game themes in the first release and in early October we plan to add four more themes to increase the variety and excitement.  

Thank you for using WordEngine!



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月額課金を解除する方法 - How to stop Auto Renew

(English follows)

1. iPhoneのホーム上にある「設定」をタップ      2. 「iTunes Store & App Store」をタップ

3. AppleIDをタップ                                        4. 「AppleIDを表示」をタップしてサインイン

5. 購読→管理をタップ   6. WordEngineをタップ
7. 自動更新スライドをオフ

These instructions provide only general guidance. The actual cancellation procedures are managed solely by Apple and will vary based on your operating system and hardware device.
1. Tap settings from your Home screen.      2. Tap iTunes & App Store 3. Select your Apple ID                                4. Show Apple ID

WordEngine FAQ - ワードエンジンよくある質問

I bought a premium plan online but my status has not changed to active. How long does it take to confirm an online purchase?
For a credit card it takes only a few minutes to confirm payment and activate your account. For PayPal, convenience stores, and bank and postal transfers it takes about 2 hours to confirm your payment.


I forgot to enter in the Promo Code that was given from my teacher, what should I do?
Go through the payment process again and this time don't forget to enter in the Promo Code. You can ignore the old order details, and proceed paying with the correct one.
If you made a payment without the Promo Code already, contact your teacher and Lexxica for assistance.


FAQ - よくある質問一覧

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