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Halloween Contest - How to Get Your Prize

Thank you for all users that participated in our WordEngine Halloween Contest 2018.

For those who see their names in the rankings below, contact Lexxica using the Contact Us page in WordEngine with the following information.
以下のランキングにお名前がある方は、ワードエンジンへログイン後、お問合せよりご連絡ください。 ご連絡の際はこのページ下にある情報を必ずご記入ください。

Write the following information below.

1.  Full Name(氏名)
2.  Final Rank Number(最終順位)
3.  Zip Code (郵便番号)
4.  Mailing Address, starting from Prefecture(ご住所・都道府県から)
*Do not forget to put your building name or the prize might not get delivered.

Make sure to login before contacting us!
*We can not confirm the users if you contact us before logging in.


Halloween Contest - FINAL RESULTS

Everyone did a fantastic job!